At last those hard-to-find Box short stories that appeared as limited editions or in anthologies, and three new ones, have been brought together in one volume that will be treasured by his fans. This collection of ten stories includes four featuring Joe Pickett and/or Nate Romanowski. The other tales are set in the Wind River mountains, Yellowstone, Wyoming Territory in 1835, the North Platte River in Wyoming, and modern-day Paris. An especially enthralling tale about a blizzard, pronghorns, and the Third Reich is based on a 1936 photo taken by Charles Belden that Box found at the American Heritage Center at the University of Wyoming. There is even a 1,000-word story that articulates the relationship among generations in one family. In the introduction, the author relates information about each piece—why it was written and where the ideas came from. VERDICT Artistry, creativity, and craftsmanship are hallmarks of Box’s writing. Each story is packed with adventure and intriguing characters that his fans have come to expect in his superlative storytelling. Nonstop adventure and mystery are omnipresent with unexpected twists and turns that will leave readers begging for more.