A Joe Pickett novel from #1 New York Times-bestselling author C.J. Box. 

Joe Pickett always liked Butch Roberson—a hardworking local business-owner whose daughter is friends with his own. Little does he know that when Butch says he is heading into the mountains to scout elk, he is actually going on the run.

Two EPA employees have been murdered, and all signs point to Butch as the killer. Soon, Joe hears of the land Butch and his wife had bought to retire on—until they are told the EPA declared it a wetland—and the penalties they charged Butch until the family was torn apart by debt. Finally, it seems, the man just cracked.

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The reviews are in...

"...an explosive thriller that careens from one unpredictable twist to another."

Orlando Sun-Sentinel

"Grade A: It's the best installment yet in an already rich series. "

Cleveland Plain Dealer


"Box is one of America’s finest crime novelists; his latest intriguing tale is one of his best. "

Lansing State Journal


"An exceptionally well-told story that will entertain, thrill and maybe even outrage its readers."

USA Today


"Just when you think that C.J. Box has reached the peak of his talents, the clouds lift, the sky clears, and another, much higher summit appears...will raise the hair on your neck and chill you to the bone."



"As if the action isn’t enough, Box then gives readers a jaw-dropper of a surprise ending."

St. Louis Post-Dispatch


"first rate...everything one could ask for in a Western thriller."

Washington Post / AP


"Thrilling wilderness chases, chilling stories of the abuse of power, and Pickett’s indomitable frontier spirit power this explosive novel." 

Publishers Weekly *STARRED* Review


"Its basis in a real-life conflict makes Joe's 13th case one of his most tendentious, but it's Box who makes it one of his most exciting." 

Kirkus Reviews


"fans of this series will burn through the pages...Another must-read." 

Library Journal *STARRED* Review