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C.J. Box's crime thrillers take readers up into the Rocky Mountains. Source: Supplied

"THE dirty little secret about the very best contemporary crime novels is that it often doesn't matter much who did it and why, but where the story is set," bestselling author C.J. Box wrote recently.

"Solving the crime is simply a vehicle to travel through the territory." Box, who lives with his family outside Cheyenne, Wyoming, writes hard-boiled thrillers set in the Rocky Mountains. For him, this setting is fundamental because he's determined to shine a clear-eyed light on the region, its issues and people.

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Interview with C.J. Box / Blog Around The Corner (Italian)



CJ Box arriva in Italia con Un Angolo di Paradiso

 Sarà in libreria da domani Un angolo di paradiso (Piemme linea rossa), primo romanzo tradotto in italiano di CJ Box. In realtà CJ Box non è un esordiente, finora ha pubblicato 13 romanzi e diversi racconti, ma per qualche motivo non era ancora arrivato sui nostri scaffali. Questa è l’intervista che CJ ha rilasciato a Paolo Gardinali in occasione dell’uscita italiana del libro.

PG – Presentati ai tuoi nuovi lettori italiani.
CJB – (Dalla mia biografia) Sono autore di 13 romanzi, alcuni dei quali hanno scalato la classifica del New York Times,  inclusi quelli della serie di Joe Pickett. Ho vinto l’Edgar Award per il miglior (more here: http://theblogaroundthecorner.it/2012/03/cj-box-arriva-in-italia-con-un-...)

No mystery – author C.J. Box names characters after real people - New York Books |


Characters in the best-selling crime series featuring Wyoming game warden Joe Pickett by C. J. Box have names remarkably similar to people in real life – by design. 

Box’s latest, Force of Nature, arrives in stores next week.
While reading Free Fire, an earlier Pickett novel, in Yellowstone National Park where the book’s action takes place, I learned that several of its characters, including the villain and several park and concessioner employees, take their names from real people in the area.

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Think outside the box – a chat with the great C.J. Box - Crime City After Dark (Australia)


C.J. Box is a living legend. He has won the Anthony Award, the Prix Calibre .38 (France), the Macavity Award, the Gumshoe Award, the Barry Award, the Edgar Award and been an L.A. Times Book Prize finalist. He has even been nominated for the IMPAC prize.

We were absolutely thrilled to catch up with C.J. recently for a chat about books, writing, and what he’s working on next. (It involves Cody Hoyt, so we’re happy).

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