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No mystery – author C.J. Box names characters after real people - New York Books |


Characters in the best-selling crime series featuring Wyoming game warden Joe Pickett by C. J. Box have names remarkably similar to people in real life – by design. 

Box’s latest, Force of Nature, arrives in stores next week.
While reading Free Fire, an earlier Pickett novel, in Yellowstone National Park where the book’s action takes place, I learned that several of its characters, including the villain and several park and concessioner employees, take their names from real people in the area.

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Think outside the box – a chat with the great C.J. Box - Crime City After Dark (Australia)


C.J. Box is a living legend. He has won the Anthony Award, the Prix Calibre .38 (France), the Macavity Award, the Gumshoe Award, the Barry Award, the Edgar Award and been an L.A. Times Book Prize finalist. He has even been nominated for the IMPAC prize.

We were absolutely thrilled to catch up with C.J. recently for a chat about books, writing, and what he’s working on next. (It involves Cody Hoyt, so we’re happy).

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John Hinderaker of Power Line Interviews C.J. Box...


The Hinderaker-Ward Experience, With C. J. Box

We taped Episode 15 of the Hinderaker-Ward Experience last night. The podcast features a very fun interview with author C.J. Box (“Chuck” to his friends). We talked about his Joe Pickett books and his latest bestseller, Back of Beyond. We also discussed how one gets to be a successful author, and learned that Box is a long-time Power Line fan. I really do recommend Back of Beyond. It is a good place to start if you are new to Box’s work.