Where can I find audio copies of C.J. Box books?

http://www.recordedbooks.com offers all the Joe Pickett books with the exception of Winterkill, which is offered by Brilliance Audio http://www.brillianceaudio.com).

Blue Heaven, Three Weeks to Say Goodbye, Back of Beyond, The Highway, and Badlands are available here: http://us.macmillan.com/audio.aspx

How Can I Find Copies of the Limited Edition Short Stories?

DULL KNIFE, THE MASTER FALCONER, and NOBLE SAVAGE are illustrated, limited-edition short stories published by ASAP. They are very difficult to find because they're collector's editions. Occasionally, they may be available from on-line collectors or merchants.

ALL of C.J. Box's short stories (including those above) have been anthologized into a collection entitled SHOTS FIRED: STORIES FROM JOE PICKETT COUNTRY. 

When will the next book come out?

PARADISE VALLEY (The Highway Quartet) will be out July 25, 2017.

VICIOUS CIRCLE, the 17th Joe Pickett novel, was published in March, 2017.

How can I get signed copies of C.J. Box novels?

Go to a book signing! The tour schedule is here: http://www.cjbox.net/appearances

If you're not able to make a signing or event, the next best way to get a signed book is to contact the bookstores where the events are held and request a signed copy prior to the signing.  If that won't work, contact stores that specialize in customer service and keep supplies of signed books. You can find that list here.

What about a movie or TV show?

The latest blog post on that topic is here: http://www.cjbox.net/blog/2016/3/5/news-on-the-joe-pickett-television-series

What is the order of the Joe Pickett novels?

Open Season (2001)
Savage Run (2002)
Winterkill (2003)
Trophy Hunt (2004)
Out of Range (2005)
In Plain Sight (2006)
Free Fire (2007)
Blood Trail (2008)
Below Zero (2009)
Nowhere to Run (2010)
Cold Wind (2011)
Force of Nature (2012)
Breaking Point (2013)
Stone Cold (2013)
Endangered (2015)
Off The Grid (2016)

Vicious Circle (2017)

The Disappeared (2018)

What is the latest with foreign rights?

C.J. Box novels in one form or another in 27 countries/languages. Click here to view all foreign publishers.

I have a great idea for a novel! Would C.J. Box like to hear it, read it, talk about it, help me write it?

Congratulations on your great idea and all the best in writing the book. Due to legal and liability issues, C.J. Box cannot accept other author's work or discuss potential concepts or ideas.

How do you pick the locations for book signings? And how do I get you to do a signing near me?

The publisher schedules tour locations and events based on several factors, including the prominence of the bookstore, past sales of C.J. Box books, and travel logistics. If you are a book store that would like to be considered for a tour stop or other event, you can make a proposal to these fine folks:

Joe Pickett Novel Tours: Katie Grinch, Penguin/Putnam, 212/366-2547, kgrinch@penguinrandomhouse.com

Stand-Alone Novel Tours: Hector DeJean, St. Martins Press, 646-307-5560, hector.dejean@stmartins.com

To Request an Appearance: Macmillan Speakers Bureau, 646-307-5567,  speakers@macmillan.com