Is there a crime-fiction family as fully fleshed out as Joe Pickett’s? In singing the praises of Box’s series

featuring the Wyoming game warden, we often praise the plotting, pacing, and the down-to-earth hero’s

friendship with force-of-nature Nate Romanowski. But Pickett’s supporting cast—wife Marybeth and

daughters Sheridan, Lucy, and April—lends a continuity and grounding to this series that sets it apart from

all the lone-wolf stuff out there. And it’s the adopted, troubled April who gets the fifteenth Pickett novel

off to a troubling start when she’s found beaten and unconscious in a ditch. Joe is sure he knows who did it

but must reconcile his desire for immediate revenge with the sheriff’s insistence on a by-the-book

investigation. Meanwhile, the FBI is using Nate as bait to catch his fugitive former employer, and, despite

it all, Joe must investigate a politically charged sage-grouse slaughter. As they often do, things get

western, with the carefully constructed plot building to a breathless, thrilling end. And Joe’s family,

battered and bruised, carries on. HIGH-DEMAND BACKSTORY: Box will be touring in person and

over satellite radio, backed by the usual promotional blitz in print, electronic, and social media—but his

hungry fans will already have this book on hold at the library.


— Keir Graff