"...Nate is a force of nature...violent...those who love Box’s stunning set pieces will be in heaven."

Some sidekicks provide comic relief, while others serve a darker purpose. Think Easy Rawlins and Mouse or Elvis Cole and Joe Pike—the ego and the id. In Box’s Joe Pickett novels, off-the-grid free-agent Nate Romanowki plays a similar role: Joe is a family man, while Nate is a loner; Joe is a poor shot, but Nate is deadly accurate; Joe is rational, while Nate is a force of nature. In some ways, the blood on Nate’s hands allows Joe to remain the sympathetic hero. In the twelfth series installment, Nate takes center stage. His mysterious past has caught up with him, and the black-ops military unit to which he used to belong wants him dead. They’re going after Nate through the people he cares about, including Joe’s family. This is a very different Pickett novel, more a pure thriller and much more violent. Fans who love the books for their thoughtfulness may find this one a bit bloody, but those who love Box’s stunning set pieces will be in heaven. And, as a way to keep the series fresh, it’s an excellent idea—we all need to let our ids off the leash once in awhile.
— Keir Graff