A riveting new novel from #1 New York Times bestselling and Edgar Award-winning author C. J. Box.

The ties that bind can burn you.

Former sheriff’s investigator Cassie Dewell is trying to start her life over as in private practice. She’s her own boss and answers to no one, and that’s just the way she likes it after the past few tumultuous years. All that certainty changes when an old friend calls in a favor: she wants Cassie to help exonerate a man accused of assaulting a young woman from an influential family. 

Against her own better judgment, Cassie agrees. But out by the Bitterroot Mountains of Montana, twisted family loyalty runs as deep as the ties to the land, and there's always something more to the story. The Kleinsassers have ruled this part of Montana for decades, and the Iron Cross Ranch is their stronghold. They want to see Blake Kleinsasser, the black sheep of the family, put away forever for the assault. As Cassie attempts to uncover the truth, she must fight against a family whose roots are tangled and deadly―as well as the ghosts of her own past that threaten to bring her down. 

With The Bitterroots, master storyteller C. J. Box delivers another searing novel of loyalty, lies, and lethal retribution.

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The reviews are in…

“An appealing new heroine, a fast-moving plot, and a memorably nightmarish family make this one of Box's best.”

-Kirkus Reviews STARRED REVIEW

“Game warden Joe Pickett may be Box’s main man, but Cassie is equally compelling, and readers will be delighted to have her back. Not content with merely ruling Wyoming, Box has become the dominant mystery/thriller author of the mountain West—and deservedly so.”


“THE BITTERROOTS Makes The Washington Post’s Best Summer Thrillers List”

-The Washington Post

“Expertly plotted and filled with nonstop suspense, The Bitterroots is another stunner from C.J. Box, and a clear favorite for top crime thriller of the year.”

-The Real Book Spy

“Box is in top form here, gilding his reputation for finely crafted suspense novels of the New West—a place you wouldn’t necessarily want to live but that is endlessly intriguing to read about.”


“Box's characters are well developed, his writing is vivid, the tension runs high, and the plot unfolds at a rapid pace.”

-Associated Press

“…Cassie is bound to become as popular among Box fans as Joe Pickett.”

-The Denver Post

“C.J. Box has never lacked in talent for writing rugged frontier-type heroes, like Joe Pickett and Nate Romanowski, who’ve helped define the post-modern Western. His Cassie Dewell character is all that and more…This is thoughtful crime-thriller reading at its level best, told in typically sparse Box prose and packed with characters who excel at pursuing their own agendas at everyone else’s expense. A tour de force. .”

-Providence Journal